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Arabic Studies Program

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The Arabic Program at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville has exciting news. The departments of Religious Studies and Modern Foreign Languages and Literatures have received a grant from the U.S. Department of Education's Undergraduate International Studies and Foreign Languages Program for the infusion and enhancement of Arab Studies and toward the building of a minor and eventually a major.

If students have previous knowledge of Arabic and would like to take a placement test to determine the appropriate language class for them, they should contact the Language Resource Center.

Students interested in the Middle East and North Africa can join the Middle Eastern Students' Association at the University of Tennessee.  This association offers cultural and musical events, film nights, game nights, and many other activities.  You can find us on facebook at Middle Eastern Student Association at UTK. 

A few interesting facts about the Arabic language

  • Arabic script is written and read from right to left.
  • Arabic is the only language in the world that is diglossic in nature, which means that Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) is written and read but the 23 Arabic speaking countries all have different dialects (a simplified version of MSA)
  • Spoken Arabic varies in its lexicon from one village to another within the same country.


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